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Treasurer SV Balans

Study Association Balans

Job description
The person who fulfills the role of Treasurer will keep the board informed of the financial resources, budget and income/expenditures of SV Balans. In addition, the treasurer annually prepares annual accounts for the previous board year.

Tasks and responsibilities
– Drawing up the annual budget of SV Balans. Determining the general costs in consultation with the General Board of SV Balans.
-Coordination and approval of the annual budget of SV Balans with the General Board of SV Balans.
-Submit an annual budget for approval by the Annual General Members Meeting. Financial policy advice.
-Annual financial report Preparing an annual financial report at the end of each year for the approval of the General Members’ Meeting.
– Organize annual cash audit by the appointed audit committee.
-Have the Audit Committee report to the General Members Meeting and ask for approval.
– Fulfilling a management position. Adjusting financial policy where necessary.
-Monitor the progress of assigned tasks in consultation with responsible board members.
-Point of contact for a responsible board member with the committee or project leader in case of questions or problems.
-Total budget monitoring and regular feedback to the General Board of SV Balans.
-Participate in meetings of the General Members’ Meetings and the General Board. Solicited and unsolicited advice in areas of expertise.
-Comply with agreements made by the board on time.
-Comply with established agreements.
-Financial administrative work Registering and categorizing income according to established policy.
-Realize income from contributions, sponsorship resources, subsidies, according to established working methods.
-Check income.
-Financial settlement of agreements made.
-Have invoices signed by the budget manager of the projects and/or products.
-Accounts that are not signed by the treasurer and chairman or project leader will be declared invalid and must be completed by the treasurer.
-Pay signed bills. Have orders paid and recorded.
-Have declarations signed by the responsible board member.
-Checking declarations and reporting to the executive board if irregularities are found.
-Pay signed invoices. Register paid invoices. Ask for a continuously up-to-date membership list from the secretary.

-Ability to think in broad terms.
-Be decisive.
-Keeping an eye on the long-term vision for the association.
-Maintain an overview of the association.
-Stealing priorities for the association.
-Translate policy into implementation for the association.

Personal qualities
– Accounting skills.
– Good with numbers.
– Completed Accounting 1.1 and Annual Report 1.3 with a pass.

What does SV Balans have to offer you?
First of all, being part of a study association is a great addition to your curriculum vitae. In addition, you improve your social skills, broaden your LinkedIn network and you can participate in all educational and fun activities. To top it all off, you will receive compensation for the work you have carried out in return.  

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