Studievereniging Balans


Secretary SV Balans

Study Association Balans

Job description
The secretary is also known as the writer of the association, the right hand of the chairman and the first point of contact. It is therefore important that the secretary can write documents competently and do so with ease. A secretary also takes minutes for the association and often prepares the association’s documents. In addition to writing, the secretary supports the chairman in his functioning, so these two roles work well together and cooperation is also very important. 

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Planning meetings and general membership meetings 
  • Drawing up an agenda for these meetings 
  • Keep minutes of these meetings 
  • Maintain membership administration 
  • Processing and distributing incoming mail 
  • Processing and distributing incoming emails 
  • Managing official documents 
  • Drafting important documents 
  • Supporting other directors


  • Team player 
  • Take minutes 
  • Social 
  • Accurate 
  • Skilled in spelling and grammar  

What does SV Balans have to offer you? 
First of all, being part of a study association is a great addition to your curriculum vitae. In addition, you improve your social skills, broaden your LinkedIn network and you can participate in all educational and fun activities. To top it all off, you will receive compensation for the work you have carried out in return. 

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